Rainbow Gum

Tonight a spectacular photo arrived in my Twitter feed via Dr. Dean Nicolle whose Twitter bio reads: Eucalyptologist (gum nut). Botanist, arborist, ecologist & author, specialising in the eucalypts. Creator & curator of Currency Creek Arboretum. Adelaide, Australia.

Website: Calyptra

Twitter: @DeanNicolle1

This bright colourful tree trunk is a rainbow gum (Eucalyptus deglupta).

The large vertical image is the photo Dean tweeted. I’ve resized and saved at a smaller file size. Fabulous colours!

Horizontal images are crops I’ve taken from Dean’s photo, saved at higher quality than the vertical.

~ original photo by Dr. Dean Nicolle; used here with permission.

Click on any image to enlarge.

Text by Liz, photo by Dean Nicolle; Exploring Colour (2021)

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