Monkey Puzzle Tree

This fabulous monkey puzzle tree or Chilean Pine is just a couple of streets away from us on a private property and looks so eye-catching in autumn. It’s in the Araucaria genus and I assume it’s Araucaria araucana ~this link goes to info at Oregon State University if you’re interested. I took the photos on Monday 29 March, a morning when I went on a walk and took a crazy amount of photos!

Photos taken in Tapanui, West Otago, New Zealand.

Click on any photo to enlarge.

Ages ago I did a blogpost on a Monkey Puzzle Tree at Invermay Agricultural Research Centre near Dunedin, New Zealand. The photos in that post were taken in spring 2017.

In that post I also shared a link to a Monkey Puzzle page by the Eden Project.

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2021)

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  1. That’s a really impressive specimen! There’s a large monkey puzzle tree down the road from here but its branches are much more sparse, so nowhere near as good-looking as this one.

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    1. This one is really nice but they generally do look good in our region as they do well down here in the south of NZ. I think I might try and get more photos of them in different stages of ages 🙂

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    1. How interesting Robert, thank you! Did you see them in the wild? is it common to see them on people’s properties and in public gardens in Chile?


      1. Yes, growing wild, I lived in PucĂłn, and that region is called AraucanĂ­a. The tree has religious meaning for the local Mapuche people, but years ago logging companies came in and almost logged it out of existence. Now it’s protected but I still didn’t see too many of them.

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          1. Yeah, sad, but that logging was years ago at least, and now I think they’re protected. There are probably more of them, I didn’t get to travel to a lot of areas, that country is more than 4,000 km long!

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  2. It looks like the pretend Christmas trees we used to make with big, fat pipe cleaners. It’s funny — it looks like it was designed by a committee, and everyone wanted to make it look like their favorite tree.

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    1. I too think it looks like a Christmas tree with the strange branches and big baubles! There’s a fair few of these trees scattered around Southland from young trees to big old mature trees, found both on private properties and in public gardens.


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