Autumn Easter

I put this on twitter today to remind northerners that in the southern hemisphere Easter is in autumn! Taken at Maple Glen Garden on Easter Sunday, 04 April. Southland, New Zealand.

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    1. Daffodilly is a lovely time of year! It’s all dahlias, colourful foliage, falling leaves and toadstools here! I have lots of photos to post so that’ll help you get your head around the south being in autumn! We probably share it being quite chilly in the early mornings.

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      1. It’s been quite chilly all day for the last few days…even some snowflakes. But just over a week ago it was like summer and we were able to eat outside – weird!

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    1. Thank you, a leprechaun would be perfect! I see that comes from Irish folklore. While I know of the word I wasn’t that familiar with its meaning so had to do a quick lookup!

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      1. There’s an old Disney movie called “Darby O’Gill and the Little People,” that I loved when I was a kid, Sean Connery (pre-James Bond) was in it, that’s got lots of leprechaun scenes in it.

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