On The Way To Waikaia

Taken by Nigel, mid-July 2020 (winter). We were driving to Waikaia, Southland, New Zealand. Click on the photo to enlarge.

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  1. When I first read the title in the early morning I thought you and Nigel were Hawaii bound. ๐Ÿ™‚ Those hay tubes look like some sort of transportation tunnel alongside the road…maybe for teleporting. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Close enough Robert! It’s silage – fermented grass rather than dried grass. A lot of silage is made. Hay is also made down south here but in lesser quantities, it’s a challenge to properly dry it in our wet climate. The ‘shimmering cylinder’ is a nice description and it did look neat. Some farms have a long ‘sausage’ of silage like this but mostly you see individually wrapped large round bales dotted around the fields. Until they pick them up and stack them, or lay them out in rows in the winter crop fields.

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      1. Here they usually have the silage and enormous open pits lined with concrete. They put big plastic tarps on the top and then hundreds of tires to weight it down. I never mind the smell of silage, I like sauerkraut and pickled cabbage, and silage reminds me of that a bit.

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        1. We walked from home the other day and the wind was blowing silage smell all through town, yuk! Here there used to be silage pits just as you describe throughout the farm areas but I think they’re largely superseded now with the above-ground wrap method.


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