Remnant Forest

Remnant native forest near the south coast. Waituna, Southland, New Zealand. Tiny island of trees in a vast expanse of dairy farms ~by Liz 21 Feb 2021.

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  1. It’s beautiful but I too wish it was larger. I found myself looking at the idyllic names on street signs the other day and wondering whether they were all that was left of once wild places or whether they were just aspirations.

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    1. There’s a special bush track (really low-key and easy to miss) in The Catlins where you can park at the side of the highway and then walk through beautiful forest for quite a way, and eventually you pop out to sand dunes and a beautiful long sandy beach – really idyllic!


      1. People think it is nice when a few trees are left untouched but in reality they are not of much benefit tot wildlife unless they are connected by corridors of them. Slowly but surely we are ruining the planet through our uncontrolled numbers that increase exponentially.

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          1. Absolutely! So many of us would like to be able to do something but it feels impossible. (Though perhaps we can help in small ways, in our own local areas.)

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