Wild In Lawrence

Saturday evening I saw our PM was to do a Covid announcement at 9pm. That had to be bad so I watched. Auckland immediately into alert Level 3, the rest of NZ into Level 2 (‘immediately’ is my word but the new alerts took effect from 6am Sunday). Level 2 limits gatherings to 100 people so promptly after the announcement Nigel got an email saying the event he was to have a Growplan stand at on Sunday was cancelled, and our car was already packed ready to go in the morning. Independently we both wondered if he could set up somewhere else on his own but it’s not easy to think of a place you’re free to do that AND be likely to get foot traffic. Sunday morning I suggested Lawrence might work so off we went. Weather was looking dodgy but happily it improved as we drove to Lawrence. Nigel found a good spot, didn’t get chased off, and had some good conversations. We ended up pretty pleased with the outcome 🙂

Click on any photo to see it a bit bigger.

I took a few photos in the main street near Nigel’s display.
Lawrence, Clutha District, New Zealand. 28 Feb 2021.

The white cat arrived soon after we parked and I saw it in various spots thereafter. It has no tail, and it was road-wise. I saw it patiently sit on the footpath, watch passing traffic, look both ways when clear, then quickly cross!

The Lemon Tree Cafe.

The Wild Walnut.

In a garden this cat sat still as a statue, staring at me fixedly with unblinking gaze.

Lemon Tree Cafe (vacant) and the excellent next-door cafe.

I was keen to get photos of the lovely mural on the garden side of the cafe.

The white cat chose this spot for a while, not far from our car.

Nigel set up on the opposite side of the main street from the buildings I’ve shown.
I did a post with three photos at his blog:
Growplan in Lawrence

Information about the buildings

Click x2 on either photo to get a larger image.

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2021)

11 thoughts on “Wild In Lawrence

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  1. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had an upsurge in Covid, that must be disheartening. I hope the restrictions knock it back down again quickly. And I hope that you get vaccinations soon. (We are due our first ones tomorrow – feels like a very important date!)

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    1. I’m glad you get your vacs so soon! Ours will be months away as NZ has only just received them and frontline border and health staff will get them first, then I assume they’ll focus on Auckland. However our alert level outside of Auckland has dropped back to 1 thank goodness so *hopefully* the big show Nigel’s going to next week, where he has a business site, will go ahead as planned. Nothing can be taken for granted though which is really tough.

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      1. Fingers are crossed that your alert level stays low and that Nigel can take part in the show. It’s so tricky for businesses right now! trying to arrange to do things that need outside facilities or contact with other people is something that DH has had to delay in his work. Life will seem so much easier when Covid is eventually under control!

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  2. Sorry to hear you’re on an uptick with COVID, Liz. I hope the “immediate” action will tamp it right back down.

    Way to go making a Plan B and getting out there with Grow Plan, Nigel!

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    1. The next few days will be telling re Covid to see how much spread there is in Auckland. Nigel’s supposed to be exhibiting at a big A&P Show next week in Wanaka but it may be cancelled. This would be a blow as we count on him picking up good jobs there to keep Growplan busy during the year. Should find out what the decision is very soon.

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        1. Vaccinations have only been received recently in NZ and they’ve started on the frontline border staff. Have you and Ted had vaccinations yet?


  3. I enjoyed reading the history of the buildings. I confess I laughed when I came across Mrs. O’Leary in the Lemon Tree’s history, and wondered if she had a cow. If she did, it must have been better behaved than the one belonging to the (mythical) cow that belonged to Chicago’s Mrs. O’Leary. There’s even a song about the event. The first verse goes:

    “Late last night when we were all in bed,
    Mrs. O’Leary left her lantern in the shed.
    Well, the cow kicked it over, and this is what they said:
    “There’ll be a hot time in the old town tonight!”

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