Glorious Gazanias

Gazanias in all their glory at Queens Park, Invercargill, Southland. New Zealand.

Native to South Africa. They’re named after the 15th-century Greek-Italian scholar Theodorus of Gaza; they’re also known as ‘treasure flowers’ … I like that! I took these pics on a hot afternoon, 26 January 2021. It’s nice looking at them again today because the temperature plummeted this morning and now it’s wintry cold, windy and rainy!

Click on any photo to enlarge.

Treasure Flowers

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2021)

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    1. We’ve had crazy weather. Had some really cold days and yesterday we did an afternoon drive into Central Otago to see if there was still any snow on the hills ’cause we heard they’d had some – and we did see a few vestiges still remaining!

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  1. We just went through some really cold weather here in Winnipeg (the -30C (-22F) kind of stuff), so it is wonderful to see these bright colours and think of spring. 🌺😊


  2. Sorry for your turn in the weather, Liz. These beauties sure feel like summer, so vibrant and perky, they are warming me up. I actually can’t complain about our winter so far, only a handful of nights below freezing, but an awful lot of grey days.

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    1. Grey days get pretty tiresome eh? The gazania pics are finished but I’ve still got some other pretty pics .. just can’t beat gazanias for brightness though – nothing competes!

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  3. Wow, love the quad-colored ones at lower right in your first photo. I’m surprised that it’s so cold there now, as you’ve had a heat wave for a couple of days, I heard on RNZ, with 36C in Christchurch two (three?) days ago and 30 again yesterday. Or maybe that was too far away to affect you?

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    1. It just went really cold very suddenly this morning and this afternoon Nigel even glanced up at the hills to see if there was any snow! I’ve been wearing a hat INSIDE some of the time – in January! Those flowers you liked were the sole reason I kept that photo .. I like them too!

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