Texas Hill Country

Not having my own Texas photos, nor any river photos, I opted for lovely blue flowers that I saw in Dunedin Botanic Garden on 09 October 2020, which is spring in New Zealand. I can imagine this as a blue snail!
(head left-side of pic, shell in the middle, ‘tail’ to right).

Moving on to Texas Hill Country

Recently, I really enjoyed a post by Linda Leinen.

Blogpost: Hill Country Rivers ~ The Sabinal

Linda included a wonderful photo: ‘Solitary Sabinal seeds’, copied here with permission.

–to see it full-size, larger than here, click on the photo – it links thru to her post.
Scroll down her post to the photo, then click on it for a very detailed view.

AND … after reading Linda’s post I did a search on ‘sabinal’ and chanced on a wonderful National Geographic video: Selah: Water from Stone /see how former Church’s Chicken CEO David Bamberger transformed a desert wasteland into a wildlife oasis. Texas Hill Country.

Beautiful story, lovely footage, and educational. I’d love to visit Texas!

Text by Liz, seed photo by Linda Leinen; Exploring Colour (2021)

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  1. Thanks for the link, Liz. If you ever get to Texas, I’d love to show you around. Absent that, we’ll just have to keep trading peeks into each other’s world this way. There’s another spot in the hill country where I’ve done some photographing, too: Love Creek Preserve. I met the people who donated the land, and it’s just a glorious place. Even the roadsides in the area are gorgeous in spring and summer; the wildflowers are rampant.

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    1. I’m thinking you might enjoy the video link I put at the bottom of the post about “Selah”. It’s about how the guy transformed his property from parched to springs of water – by removing cedars and planting lots of native grasses. If you get the time to have a look it’s worth it!

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