Weathered and Worn

Orepuki is a tiny coastal settlement in Western Southland and it’s where I took the red tussock photos featured in yesterday’s post. Here’s the small public domain or park that’s nearer the heart of the settlement. Southland, New Zealand. Pics taken 09 January 2021.

Click on any photo to enlarge.

Fellow kiwi blogger, writer Kay McKenzie Cooke spent her early childhood here and the fictional town ‘Craggan Dhu’ in her novel of the same name –was inspired by Orepuki (novel published 2020).

The last two sentences of Craggan Dhu, in the Acknowlegements read:

“Located in Western Southland / Murihiku, it is a place with a rich history and wild, oceanic beauty. It is where I spent the first decade of my life and remains my turangawaewae; the place where I find a foothold on the land; more precious to me than is perhaps reasonable.”

Coastal view at Orepuki …

Kay chats about her novel in a discussion with Katherine Dolan in a blog-post HERE. I have a copy myself, and once I got into the story (many characters / threads to the plot) I found it gripping. The writing style is distinctively southern New Zealand making this an incredibly rare treat for me.

If you enjoy a novel with strong sense of place and local characters who are true-to-type ‘fair dinkum’ kiwis, this could be a yarn you’d enjoy too! Kay also had her fourth book of poems published last year – ‘Upturned’ – I love it.

I also follow (and recommend) Kay’s blog: Line By Line

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2021)

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  1. Spots in Texas like the Permian basin and the Eagle Ford Shale are akin to this historic oil shale field, although much larger. Both the water tank and the oil tank are attractive to me; I enjoy weathered artifacts of all kinds, even industrial.

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  2. Weathered industrial and farming things always seem so much nicer than they would have done when new. It’s a lovely landscape, and I’m glad that it’s been allowed to go back to nature.

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  3. I really like weathered colors and textures of old objects like barns and water towers and especially industrial objects, like that tank from the shale production that you photographed so beautifully, Liz.

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