Shape of a Smile

I was intrigued by this friendly old house at Colac Bay, Western Southland, New Zealand. Initially I noticed the quizzical eyebrows but didn’t notice the Mona Lisa ‘smile’ until I did the editing 🙂

What you may think is an odd-looking tree is a native cabbage tree or Cordyline australis. If you’re from the UK or Ireland you may have seen them around, often called ‘palms’ .. which they’re not haha!

Photos taken 09 Jan 2021.

Home Sweet Home

Click on any photo to enlarge.

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2021)

12 thoughts on “Shape of a Smile

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  1. Now “The Shadow Of Your Smile” is stuck in my mind’s ear. I was sure it had been originally composed by Joao Gilberto (Girl From Ipanema, etc.), but it appears that it belongs to his wife, Astrud. I sit corrected.

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    1. Astrud Gilberto sang the song but Johnny Mandel composed the music and Paul Francis Webster wrote the lyrics. Many websites have the bad habit of indicating a song is “by” a singer rather than by the song’s creator(s).


  2. One of the pleasures of editing is finding those unnoticed details. I smiled right back at the house; clearly, the sheep find it approachable. Maybe they were as charmed by its smile.

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