We headed south-west to the coastal town of Riverton on Saturday 09 January. Nigel worked for a couple of hours, the rest of the day was ours. Crazy weather, constant cycle of sun, showers and heavy rain. Still got a few pics 🙂

Good to have a day away from social media and news .. felt relaxed and refreshed.

American followers whether resident in the US or not, my thoughts are with you at this unspeakably awful, challenging time. I haven’t felt able to post for a few days. Initially incredulous, I’ve worked through shock, sadness, anger and rage. Now with more facts, I’ve moved on to accept the reality – a horrifying, violent insurrection instigated by the current President. Still many unknowns but surely America has to take a good hard look at itself, and reshape.

If you wonder why I, so far away in New Zealand, would be angry: think 15 March 2019. A white supremacist gunman from Australia killed over 51 Muslim worshippers at two locations in Christchurch (ranging in age from 3 – 77 yrs). He acted alone. Huge grief from most people throughout our country. New Zealand government swiftly amended our gun laws.

Colac Bay .. tiny settlement west of Riverton. Bus shelter, The Simpsons.
My nod to the US.

Boulder path.
When things are rocky, tread carefully.

Native red tussock in flower, blown by a strong wind. Orepuki, further west again.
Gusty wind, constantly reshaping the form of the tussock in front of my eyes.

Macrocarpa sculpted by the prevailing wind, Orepuki.
Bent but not broken. Massively reshaped but still growing.
Stay strong!

Teaser for the photo I’ll feature in my next post!

Please feel free to share your thoughts on what’s happened in America if you wish, in the comment section below – you’re welcome to do so. Take care, Liz xx

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2021)

6 thoughts on “Reshaping

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    1. We really are. Mind you, we’ve had our challenges yet it’s easier to rise to the challenge with reliable leadership and far more unity. Enjoy the rest of the summer!

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  1. I smiled at the shot of the bus shelter, Liz. As you know well, yellow school buses are an iconic image in the US and the addition of the Simpsons was a whimsical touch. When I look through the windshield I think I also see Bert and Ernie, Muppets from the Sesame Street television show.

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  2. Totally agree with your sentiments. I too was dismayed by the events of last week; one of the most shocking episodes I can recall, totally shameful. But thank you for improving my mood with the bus shelter image. Lisa Simpson for president one day?

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