Checking The Post

Impish wee face and letterbox in Port Chalmers, Dunedin, New Zealand.
Taken by Liz 24 Dec 2020.

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    1. Me too Mike! Merry Christmas. T’was a lovely Christmas morning here in NZ but quite grey and regular showers now in the afternoon. At least it was fine for the Christmas Eve service last night!

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      1. Merry Christmas, Liz. Our Christmas Service was virtual via Zoom, but was wonderful. It included a Christmas pageant that had been filmed in separate little scenes by different families and then spliced together. It is so delightful to see and hear the Christmas story narrated and acted by children. We have had rain most of the day on Christmas Eve and it now seems to be slowing down a bit as we pass midnight and begin Christmas Day.

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        1. ps. hey! you didn’t tell me you’d sung the bass parts, how cool. Has the service been put online…perhaps I could take a look? We came back home today and the clouds got heavier and blacker as we drove home – and we got our stuff inside just before hail, heavy rain and thunderstorm hit! It was cold .. so much for summer! I’ve also watched a lovely “Blue Christmas” service via Diocese of Rhode Island. [ online at: or via twitter at ] Best wishes!

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          1. Our website is We have been told that they will be posting the pageant part of the Christmas Eve service on-line soon, but it is not yet there. In the meantime, here is a link to the YouTube recording of our Advent Lessons and Carols Service ( My favorite song is found at about the 33:15 part of the video, Magnificat, the only song we did in Latin. I was part of a quartet. We recorded it live with the four of us standing in the four corners of an empty church with an iPhone recording us. The hymn immediately afterwards, The Angel Gabriel Came From Heaven, is really good too. 🙂

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            1. Oops, thought I’d already replied and I haven’t! I enjoyed having a listen to earlier parts of the service (I listened to quite a bit of the lead-up before the two songs you mentioned and enjoyed listening to them very much too). You must have a lot of great singers in your church! How amazing to sing together in Latin, standing in the four corners of the church.. that must have felt pretty special! Thanks for giving me the links Mike.


              1. The interesting thing, Liz, is that my “church” is actually a collaboration of four local Episcopal churches, so we are able to draw from a larger pool of singers. in “my” church, we normally do contemporary music, so doing traditional music is a throwback to when I was younger. With regard to the Latin number, the children’s part was overlaid later and I think the effect was wonderful.

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