Summer Fruit

Cherries, apricots and tomatoes bought today from the Big Cherry orchard in Roxburgh. The cherries are way more delicious than I expected for this early in the season, a variety called ‘samba’. Central Otago, New Zealand.

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2020)

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  1. You can’t beat summer fruit. It’s always best in season. We love strawberries but I won’t buy the ones that travel, all white and cardboardy inside. The fresh local are the best. Pretty much true for all produce.

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    1. Strawberries start losing their sweetness as soon as picked so best as fresh as possible. We’ve grown our own in a couple of previous gardens, they’re wonderful straight from the plant. Do you grow any in your own garden?

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        1. A secret I read early on was to mulch them with pine needles which we did from the get-go and we used to get good results. As far as I recall it’s best to replace the plants regularly too, like every 3 yrs or so.

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            1. That’s a good place to grow them then, how fortuitous to have the trees there already! We used to have to make a special trip somewhere to collect the pine needles 🙂 Some new strawberry plants might do the trick then!

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