While in Dunedin for a few days, I got to see a few gulls!
Many more than I usually see.
New Zealand.

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This cutie was hanging out on the lawn at Dunedin Botanic Gardens.

We did an afternoon trip to Taiaroa Head at the top end of Otago Peninsula. This is where the Royal Albatross Centre is but our purpose was simply to have a nice drive on this lovely fine day – Saturday 10 October. FYI Taiaroa Head is the only mainland Royal Albatross breeding colony in the world.

Outside the Centre were LOTS of gulls! Every sheltered space seemed to have snoozing gulls. There were lots who weren’t snoozing too – very noisy.. and smelly!

View to the ocean from near the Royal Albatross Centre
View over the Otago Harbour from near the Royal Albatross Centre

We decided to walk down to the beach that you can see in the above photo. It leads to a penguin viewing area but we weren’t expecting to see penguins as it was the wrong time of day – we just went down to have a look around.

Here’s the gull photos I took down at the beach…

The water was beautifully clear!

More Information

Fabulous blog-post about Taiaroa Head and the varied bird life
This couple are expert wildlife people who also take wonderful photos (by Zoomology).

Northern Royal Albatross
via the Royal Albatross Centre.

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2020)

13 thoughts on “Gulls

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  1. I watched the cam from that place all during the last nesting season; the Cornell birding site provided the link, and that’s where I found it. It’s fun seeing a bit more of the area!

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  2. This is such a magical place, and the drive to get there provides such glorious views of the peninsula. I consider this-and Banks Peninsula–among my very favorite Special Places in this adopted homeland of ours.

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    1. ‘The drive to get there’ was indeed the point of our trip on this particular day but we ended up thoroughly enjoying Taiaroa Head when we got there. There’ll be more pics!

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