Never Forgotten

Chatham Island forget-me-nots or Myosotidium hortensia. These are endemic to the Chatham Islands and therefore to New Zealand. It’s common to see them down south here in gardens. They can be grown on the south side of a building (in New Zealand that’s the most shaded and cool side). Their big fleshy leaves and beautiful flowers make them a very desirable plant. Usually they have blue flowers but sometimes white. These were all photographed in Dunedin Botanic Garden – mine on 26 September and Nigel’s on the 24th of September (Spring in New Zealand).

Horizontal photos by Liz, the vertical photo was taken by Nigel

Click on any photo to enlarge

Behind the forget-me-nots are astelias and kakabeak (the red flowered plant). Kakabeak is a Clianthus species. All native.

Nigel’s photo is from another area in the Botanic Garden.

All mine were from a native garden alongside the information centre.

Further Reading

Concise overview at the Department of Conservation web page.

A more in-depth description at the NZ Plant Conservation Network web page.

Text by Liz, photos by Liz and Nigel; Exploring Colour (2020)

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