Snow In Spring

And sure enough the snow arrived as forecast. We’re a month into Spring and the snow has finally decided to show up haha! Tapanui this morning. All photos taken out my windows or doorway. There was no snow first thing. West Otago. New Zealand.

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2020)

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  1. That looks heavy, wet, and sticky–good-packing, as we used to call it as kids: Perfect for snowballs, snow forts, and snowmen of all shapes and sizes. I hope your accumulation stays within reasonable amounts, We’re hearing that there are a lot of severely-endangered stock afield in the Gore area and the ranchers are hard-put to attend to their safety. We saw many new lambs when we were down there, and they must be most at risk. A bit chilly up here in Auckland, but not too bad, except for fierce winds. Gales with 120-kph gusts are forecast further north. .

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  2. Your snow looks lovely but must be very frustrating – hope you get another chance to hear Kay Mckenzie Cooke reading her poetry. Stay warm!

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        1. Ours *may* become a little more than conversational. I’ve seen a bookshop event cancelled in Dunedin due to the snow, and we were going to go to Gore tonight to hear Kay McKenzie Cooke do a poetry reading at Gore Library but now a decision will be made at 3pm about whether it’ll go ahead. Still snowing outside so chances are it won’t happen (darn!)


    1. Still snowing here but seems to be slowing, had about an inch. The street outside is clear so snow must be melting as soon as it hits the road I guess. Hard to say what the weather’s gonna do!

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