Brighten The Blue

We were in Dunedin much of Thurs/Fri/Sat and managed to spend time in Dunedin Botanic Garden on Sat before reluctantly leaving to go home. Many native kōwhai trees are in glorious golden blossom now, and these below were particularly bright and gorgeous – stunning against the perfect blue sky. There’s much to make us anxious so today, which is Sunday in NZ, I want to brighten the blue. Dunedin, New Zealand.

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Gazing up into the magic of cascading yellow flowers and dangling seedpods, reminds me of when Nigel and I walked into an infinity mirror room, when we visited Steampunk HQ in Oamaru in 2015.

When we recognize the inherent and infinite worth of everyone on this planet, we experience the value of our own lives. Regardless of the circumstances we may face. That’s what love does.

–Bishop Jake Owensby, in his post  What Love Does  / Sept 21, 2019

Cascade of kōwhai flowers and seedpods.

And now back home in Tapanui the weather is taking a turn for the worse. There’s some snow up on the Blue Mountains. We’ve had stormy interludes today bringing heavy rain and hail. The forecast isn’t looking good with freezing cold winds blowing in from the Antarctic for the next few days and snow forecast to low levels. Whatever happened to Spring?

Text by Liz, photos by Liz and Nigel; Exploring Colour (2020).
keywords kowhai, Sophora

21 thoughts on “Brighten The Blue

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  1. What wonderful trees! The yellow blossom looks amazing against the blue sky. Hope your weather is springlike again soon! 🙂 (And my sympathies on the dental surgery to Nigel – hope he feels OK now.)

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  2. Ah, fickle spring, reminding you of its power, Liz! Those blue skies and yellows are fabulous, like having a whole bunch of daffodils up in a tree.

    I hope the antarctic weather has only a brief stay and you’re back to feeling spring! My best to Nigel for a speedy recovery.

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    1. I really love the idea of the yellow kowhai blossom being like a whole bunch of daffodils up in a tree! Made Nigel chuckle too 🙂 Deeper snow this morning and it’s still snowing … it’d be good if it stops now I think! Nigel is recovering well thanks Ellen 🙂

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        1. None of us want to be part of such a race but we’re all in a race against time to decrease carbon emissions and the A-team, American and Australian governments, don’t seem to give a toss! Yet both continents are literally feeling the heat. Go figure!

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  3. We have our first real cold front of the autumn arriving tomorrow. It may encourage some fall color here if it gets cool enough. This certainly is a gorgeous combination; who doesn’t like yellow and blue? My best to Nigel. I’ve had only one experience of dental surgery, but I remember it well.

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    1. Hope you get enough cool to bring out the beauty of autumn colours Linda! Nigel’s come through surprisingly well and he’s recovering well. Very relieved!


        1. It’s a white-out here. We’ve had about an inch of snow this morning. The inside of the house is unnaturally bright because of light reflecting off the white snow outside!


  4. Fab blue skies, and it’s great to take advantage of them when they’re available. As for you weather change, why not head up our way? It was 18 here today, and the rain actually stopped between around 10 am and 5 pm.

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    1. I’d probably only reach Auckland to find the same weather system arriving there 🙂 The blue skies were lovely, a real treat! Nigel had dental surgery while we were in Dunedin so no plans for travelling anywhere in the near future.

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