Mitchells Cottage

The building of this cottage began in the 1880s and was finally completed in 1904. It was built by two brothers with stone masonry techniques learned from their father in the Shetland Islands – John and Andrew Mitchell. According to the information sign, the cottage housed John and Jessie’s family of 10 children. Andrew remained unmarried.

Our last visit was 10 November 2019 and I did my first post the next day  Best Little Cottage  so you can visit there for more photos – the grounds, a stone fence post, and the information sign mentioned above. Below are more photos from the same visit.

Mitchells Cottage is in Fruitlands which prior to 1915 was called Bald Hill Flat.

Central Otago, New Zealand. 

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If you enjoyed this post why not take a look at  SpringScapes (4)  at WP blog krikitarts to see a beautiful and very recent photo of Mitchells Cottage plus photos of the amazing local scenery – schist tors and even some snow on the mountains!

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2020)

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  1. That looks like a really well-built cottage – would be great in Scotland’s weather. (Would it have seen very rough weather in NZ?) The cottage was finished just 6 years before the house that I was brought up in, so a lot of the details remind me of my old home. (Though not that superb range!) Feeling very nostalgic now… 🙂

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