Crossan’s Cottage 1865

Driving along the Roxburgh East Road through the Teviot Valley, I spotted this gorgeous old stone cottage down below. Nigel stopped so I could get photos. Looking for more information I found a Facebook media-set of photos taken 04 October 2015 and was amazed to find the cottage was just a derelict ruin then! Someone’s been very busy. Central Otago, New Zealand.

John and Agnes Crossan had come to New Zealand from Scotland. They sailed into Dunedin in 1864 and settled in Milton before moving to Roxburgh. This info is from the Facebook page.

Click on any photo to enlarge

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2020)
Photos taken 16 August 2020

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      1. I’m sorry that I missed that post, but I was hoping that you’d been there. Thanks for the link! It looks like you had the same sort of weather for your visit that we had for ours.

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