Joy is water

Excited to share this beautiful poem Joy is water, a poem by WP blogger sarahsouthwest (uk). Sarah found my request a few days ago after it’d been missed a while ago – thanks for getting in touch Sarah! Her poems can be found online at: fmmewritespoems

Joy is water

   words by sarahsouthwest, originally posted here

   a poem for NaPoWriMo : a meditation on a powerful emotion

Joy, then, is water –

clear water bubbling like a mountain spring –

water that can’t be carried with you,

freezing changes it, and trapping kills it

Consider the movement of water,

the music of water as it tumbles over rocks,

the coolness of water in the heat and dust,

the way it makes the seed unfurl,

the gift of green.

Joy, then, is water,

drink it deeply,

then move on.

Trusting that there

will be another spring

to drink from.

About the photos: “Chasing Waterfalls” completed in January 2017 at 80 Bond Street, Dunedin Central. “Quick collaboration piece” by Emmanuel Jarus and Caratoes.

Something extra: this beautiful song written and sung by Jennifer Warnes which I found thanks to WP blogger Michael Scandling.

Poem by sarahsouthwest, photo by Nigel/edited by Liz; Exploring Colour (2020)

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  1. Listening to Jennifer Warnes right now – lovely! (I like Mary Chapin Carpenter and she is somewhat like . 🙂 ) The poem is wonderfully expressive and the image suits it perfectly.

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  2. The poem is evocative, and the song by Jennifer Warnes is marvelous. I didn’t think I knew her work, but when I saw Jacob’s Well in Austin mentioned, I decided to explore a bit more, and lo! Her 1977 hit “Right Time of the Night” was popular my first year back from Liberia, and as soon as I heard it, associated songs started tumbling into mind.

    Another ‘water song’ you might like is by Holly Near. It’s called “Water Come Down”, and it celebrates the rush of mountain snow melt into the California valleys. It’s been a favorite since the first time I heard it — also in the 1970s.

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    1. You can’t imagine how happy it made me feel to read this.. these words mean a lot to me and its a real privilege to share them, thank *you* Sarah!


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