Berry Unexpected

We were walking along a footpath that runs alongside Dunedin Botanic Gardens when we came across these colourful Mahonia berries. Given it’s early spring in New Zealand it came as a surprise to see berries but some Mahonia species flower in winter so I guess that’s why. Photos taken by Liz 04 Sept 2020.

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Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2020)

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    1. Great to hear that you also share an appreciation for their beauty Tanja! I imagine you’ve seen many more than I have so you’d have a much better basis for comparison.

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  1. What beautiful photos of the trailing berries growing on this amazing tree! The twice enlarged second photo provides great details of the leaves and berries. The Mahonia aquifolium, or as my friend called it the Oregon Grape-Holly, is the only variety that I have ever seen. During a visit to Oregon several years ago, I was enchanted by the prickly holly-like leaves with a few remaining yellow flowers that were already becoming clusters of round berries that would later have a dusky-blue color. I was told that the berries are edible when ripe though sour tasting…but were left for the birds to enjoy! I wanted to have one in my yard, but the colder northeastern weather here does not allow it. Hoping you are well and enjoying the Spring. Autumn will soon arrive here, my favorite season of the year! Thank-you!

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  2. That looks just like the mahonia in my garden – I think it’s probably mahonia x media ‘Charity’ which is a popular one over here. It flowers in December and January, so spring berries must be a useful food source for the birds in early spring. A good plant! 🙂

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