First Day of Spring, Tapanui NZ

First day of Spring today 01 Sept and this is the view out my front door after a cold wet night. First significant snow we’ve had (it barely turned up all winter). Tapanui, West Otago. New Zealand

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  1. Happy Spring, Liz. We also barely had any snow last winter. It may be an unusual way for you to welcome the new season, but it is in keeping with the crazy kind of year that we all have been having. Make a little snowman to celebrate. 🙂

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    1. Our seasons are far from predictable just like our weather in general, but after the mild weather we’ve had, it still came as a shock! Looking back I found I’d blogged about cold wintry conditions and snow on 25 Sept last year and you can never be sure it mightn’t sneak back again in Oct!


      1. A final hurrah, perhaps, for winter, but you never know. I tend to worry more about ice on the roads than snow. When there is a coating of ice on the roads I am really reluctant to leave home and drive.

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        1. Yeah I hate ice and prefer staying at home rather than taking the risk. We had a heavy frost this morning and it was cold as – there would’ve been ice on the roads this morning for sure.


          1. It is the black ice that worries me most–when I can’t tell if the road is icy or merely wet. We are in a period of rainy weather, though the high temperatures are still getting up over 30 degrees C.

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