Dodging Dastardly Blocks

I’ve seen genuine angst from some bloggers struggling with the recent WP change to the Block Editor. I get your frustration. There’s aspects of this transition that frustrate me too. I want to assure you that your concerns are real and in my opinion WP have done a terrible job of handling this.

Before I continue, I’ll clarify I *can* get on ok with the Block Editor. I started using it months ago when I began to develop a website/blog for Nigel’s company Growplan and it provides useful advanced functions.

With my personal blog though it’s different, I’m perfectly happy with the plain format I use. I hope that readers can easily view my posts without getting display issues that might arise with more complex formatting.

I also find the Block Editor takes a while to load, certainly not instant, which irritates me when I just want to do a simple post. There’s a way to get around the Block Editor and here it is. This post is done using the alternative method.

Autumn foliage. Tapanui, West Otago, New Zealand. By Nigel 25 April 2020. Click on photo to enlarge.

This works if you were still using the Classic Editor at the time WP forcibly switched you to the Block Editor – which was my situation

First (assuming you’re logged-in), access WP Admin:
–through My Sites / WP Admin or
–add  /wp-admin/  to the end of your blog address in the browser address bar

Second, choose Posts / Add New
An editor opens up nice and quick, you’ll see it’s kinda plain and looks different to the Classic Editor but there’s NO BLOCKS and most stuff you need is right in front of you (you might need to hunt around a bit to find what you want).

Foliage closeup of the same tree. Click on photo to enlarge.


Initially I was a bit perplexed but soon found how to do the things I need to do. Use the Add Media button to access the Media Library, then there’s an Upload tab to upload a file from your computer. Once you have the image file in the Media Library there’s a pane on the right where you can type in a caption and do other things. Once you’ve inserted the image into your post you can format the caption as you wish e.g. with bold or italics.

I like to allow visitors to click on an image for the full-size view and I want that to open in a separate tab for them so I use Link to: Media File and I check the “Open file in a new tab” checkbox.

[If you forget something it doesn’t matter – you can still return after you’ve inserted the image: first click on the image and then choose the ‘pencil’ icon and edit as required.]

In closing, there’s more than one way to do things so I’m just sharing what’s currently working for me to get the results I want – it’s not intended to be a comprehensive ‘how to’.

wordpress, blog, blogging, block editor, classic editor, dashboard

Text by Liz, photos by Nigel; Exploring Colour (2020)


17 thoughts on “Dodging Dastardly Blocks

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  1. Thanks for this Liz. Your tips are awesome. I’ve tried it a couple of times before and switched back but I’m sure it’s just a matter of getting used to it. I’ll keep at it.

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  2. This is interesting, Liz, but I haven’t even noticed any changes on WP. Does this affect all countries across the board. Or am I using such an antiquated way to publish my posts, that I am spared the changes?
    Thank you,

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    1. It’s staggered and some people like me have been forcibly changed-over to the new editor already, others haven’t. I understand they’ve had a fair whack of negative feedback so it’ll be interesting to see what happens.

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  3. And a pretty golden tree to go with your explanations, Liz! We’ve not had any change but some blogs I follow appear to be having display issues. I’m with you, stick to the simple layout when using a web-based editor like WP.

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  4. That’s what I was doing to begin with, but it annoys me having to use the really old editor, the one they already phased out before the last one. It’s so illogical. Why keep an editor they decided needed junking years ago but won’t let you keep on using the latest one? The last post I did using the real old editor the images came out small. I liked the effect in the ‘classic’ editor with really big images. It’s a mess.

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    1. Ok first let me deal with the image thing. When you get your image into the Media Library, check the settings on the right-hand pane: look for the “Size” heading and set it to Full Size. I’m guessing the default was set to a smaller setting. Your other Q.. well their logic on that defies reasoning.. dunno!


  5. When they said that everyone would have to switch by a certain date, I went ahead and switched right away. I figured I might as well bite the bullet and figure it out early on. There was a bit of swearing as I figured things out and now I’m able to do what I need to do. Such is the way with technology. 😊

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    1. WP do it automatically, they’d already warned they would. I logged in one day and they’d switched me over to the Block Editor, your turn will come. The email they sent the same day outlined a way I could still use the Classic Editor but it didn’t work – well at least not for doing new posts. Maybe it works for editing old ones, I dunno.

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      1. Last I heard, we are still free to continue to use the old familiar one, if we old sticks-in-the-mud choose to. I’m hoping that’s the case. But if I need to, I’m sure this old dog can still learn a new trick or two, though I’d really much rather they let me lie at least semi-asleep.

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          1. Thanks for the bad news, Mate.
            I hope it’s not too late
            To accept my fate
            But somehow I can’t wait
            To swallow the bait,
            Step up to the plate,
            Pass through the gate,
            And try to compensate.

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