Paradise on Pond

Paradise Ducks on the farm pond that I featured in my last post. These are more properly described as Paradise Shelducks (Tadorna variegata). They’re exceedingly noisy birds, you can hear them in this recording. The male and female make different sounds, most often in unison! Endemic.

Photos taken by Liz, 16 August 2020. Central Otago, New Zealand. The site is near the highway, between Fruitlands and Roxburgh.

Click on any photo to enlarge

The male can be difficult to see against shadow as he’s dark – he’s in all the photos.

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2020)

10 thoughts on “Paradise on Pond

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    1. Hahaha! Well done Steve, hehehe … that’s wonderful 😀 Particularly funny to me because we often see them sitting on top of a (fence)-post in a farm paddock, pretty common perch for them. Sending a big hug your way, over the waves, to Texas.. far away!


  1. That would also make a great ringtone for the mobile phone. It’s relatively unusual for the male to be so much somber in coloration than the female, with that striking white head. He’s a very handsome fellow, though.

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      1. LOL, that would certainly be an alarming wake-up call! They sound very different to the ducks here (mallards).


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