Just A Farm Pond

Saw this beautiful farm pond as we were returning from Fruitlands and heading to Roxburgh, in Central Otago, New Zealand. We both took photos. There was also a resident pair of Paradise Shelducks (I’ll share photos of them in another post). You can clearly see the female’s white head in the first photo, and the male is on the water nearby – he’s much darker. Photos taken Sunday afternoon, 16 August 2020.

Click on ANY photo to enlarge
These are far better seen large – you may need to click twice for full size

And the best image is… by Nigel. Multiple images he’s stitched together to create a panorama. The photos were taken with his Olympus Digital. Best viewed large

Click on the photo to enlarge (1 MB).
You probably need to click twice for full size.

Text by Liz, photos by Liz and Nigel; Exploring Colour (2020)

10 thoughts on “Just A Farm Pond

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  1. The panorama shot in particular really captured my attention (and, yes, I followed your recommendation, Liz, to click on it twice). What a peaceful, tranquil feeling in that landscape.

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    1. Thank you Kay.. your response makes doing a post like this feel very worthwhile! I felt like I could have stood there drinking in the scene for hours 🙂


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