Bald Hill Flat

Our lovely Sunday afternoon drive (continued). I’d already mentioned that we were heading to Fruitlands, a wonderful scenic and historic area that pre-1915 was named Bald Hill Flat but then renamed Fruitlands in 1915 in recognition of fruit-growing efforts. This was short-lived as it was too cold but the name remains. It’s a farming area but very pretty and there’s quite a sprinkling of old and rustic buildings. Here’s my photos from this visit.

Fruitlands, Central Otago, New Zealand. Photos taken by Liz

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I’ve been aware of this stone pillar sitting in the middle of a field for quite some time – I always look for it. I thought it was a memorial to the miners who died in the 1863 blizzard but I’m not sure. There’s no public access that I could see and it’s quite a distance from the roadside. The inscription, as best as I can tell, reads Doughertys Farm. I’ve checked and there were Doughertys in the area. This is quite close to Obelisk Creek.


Landscape context. Still using zoom, I was on the roadside verge.


I’ve been wanting to photograph this old cottage for years and finally I got to do it (three photos)…




I turned around to take a view across the highway.


This was as far as we went. As we headed back through Fruitlands we stopped so I could photograph this cute building.


Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2020)

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      1. The stories would be fascinating! To me, the area and the old cottage have a similar feel to rural areas in the north of Scotland – where there must also be lots of stories…

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    1. ps. reminds me that y’day I was reading about someone who’d lived in an old house in this area and how everything rattled and shook when strong winds hit the house – sounded really spooky!

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