Kelso Stories

My final Kelso post is the stories and photos displayed on the information signs beside the flood monument. The first photo is just a header, the others I’ve saved larger than usual – click on them till you have the full enlargement (usually 2x clicks).

Kelso, West Otago, New Zealand – a town abandoned due to repeated floods, especially the 1980 flood.

Click on any photo to enlarge (click twice to see full-size)

The large image is 3 MB, plus I’ve added another image of the map information.. in an effort to make the small text easier to read.

The other sign… in two parts to make it easier to read and keep the individual image sizes down. They’re each about 1.7 MB



Text by Liz, photos by Nigel and Liz; Exploring Colour (2020)

7 thoughts on “Kelso Stories

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  1. Can’t imagine what it must have been like dealing with that scale of flooding. The information boards have been really well done and will be interesting for people with old family connections to Kelso in the future.

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      1. To lose your home, your community and your (probably) your workplace all at the one time would be incredibly difficult to cope with.

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  2. This has been an interesting and informative series on Kelso, Liz. Looking at the water heights on the monument is astounding, especially knowing this is inland. I’m glad they “finally” pulled up stakes instead of continuing to rebuild–not easy but smart.

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