Shadowy Sheep, New Zealand

Sheep and tree shadows in today’s late afternoon winter sunshine. Slightly west of Tapanui. I mentioned the striking scene and Nigel stopped and took the shot. Click on photo to enlarge

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    1. That’ll make Nigel extra happy Steve! It’s exactly as we saw it, a momentous moment when we actually managed to hit the scene at *just* the right time – even though it was quite by chance!

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  1. Beautiful shot, Liz–pass on my compliments to Nigel for capturing it so well. Like so many others, I can’t help at marvel at the sheep and the shadows, but I also enjoyed the multi-layered background as the pasture gives way to the trees, which then give way to hills and mountains.

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    1. It was incredible how the long shadows totally transformed this scene, what would otherwise have been a very normal view for us! Thank you Mike.


  2. Wow, that is gorgeous image, love the colors, the shadow lines and of course the sheep spread out all over! Those two at the bottom look like they want to make a break for it! Great job spotting, Liz, and photographing, Nigel!

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    1. Ha! When I saw them I couldn’t help wondering if the long shadow-lines had any effect on the way the sheep had spread themselves out! I guess not.. but it was an interesting thought ๐Ÿ™‚


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