Pomahaka River, West Otago

This afternoon we took off for a drive to explore some back roads and eventually ended up at Waikaia for pizza at the pub. We went all over the place before getting there though. From home we went to Moa Flat, Wilden Settlement Road, Deepdell Road, Switzers Road, Winding Creek Road to Waikaia. And then back home to Tapanui via Riversdale and Gore. That’s actually quite a drive!

West Otago / Southland, New Zealand

Here’s a photo taken by Nigel of a rather magical scene at Park Hill Domain by the beautiful Pomahaka River. We were on Switzers Road by the bridge that crosses the Pomahaka River. Much of our journey was on Switzers Road as it’s a very long road! (Switzers is the old goldrush-days name for Waikaia).

Click on the photo to enlarge

Thought I’d give you a screen-shot from the relevant Topo Map as well.
Click on the map to enlarge


Saw some neat things during our drive, there’s more photos to come!

Text by Liz, photo by Nigel; Exploring Colour (2020)

14 thoughts on “Pomahaka River, West Otago

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  1. From Wikipedia I learned the following about the Pomahaka River: “Major flooding of the Pomahaka in 1978 led to the relocation of the town of Kelso and caused damage severe enough to lead to the closure of the Tapanui Branch railway.”

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  2. That’s such a beautiful and peaceful scene that it makes me want to go for a walk along that river. Hope you choose warm weather for the camping trip!

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    1. We won’t be going any time soon (actually I doubt it’s the sort of domain where you’re allowed to camp anyway). I think I’d rather just have a walk there sometime!

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    1. *From Nigel*, he forgot to hit ‘Reply’ so I’ve had to copy here –Liz “Thanks, the area is a bit wethered, but it’s a lovely place, hope to go back and camp.”

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    1. Thanks Pete! I’ve shifted to using all manual settings on my Olympus 4/3’s (with a Sigma 19mm lens – focal length equiv. is 38mm). It’s a lot more fun and most of the time I get a much more accurate shot than on auto – + the joy of film without the cost. Also 4/s’s seem to have a huge lag while they puzzle out a scene – making quick shots impossible – on manual button push to image is instant.

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        1. I agree; I do get a few more total failures, but more special ones too, whereas relying on the camera to do everything means most things are passable but few are stand-outs – also it’s more fun!

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  3. Hi Liz – If it weren’t for the power line tower, just visible in the distance, it could almost be an old painting, a very nice scene. Have you ever tried your hand at panning for gold in the river?

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    1. I really don’t think I’d have the deftness of hand, good enough eye-sight or the patience! Whether people try in that particular river I don’t know. As you get closer to Waikaia there *are* sign-posted gold claims there by the side of the road. There’s been a big commercial operator working elsewhere near Waikaia for a few years but I think they’ve finished up now. They went through a lot of farmland that used to be river flats and re-instated back to farmland as they made their way through.

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