En route to Alexandra

Iconic Hawkdun Range in the far distance as we approach Alexandra, Central Otago, New Zealand. Winter in NZ. Spectacular! Taken by Nigel Sat 11 July 2020. Click on photo to enlarge

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  1. I’ve seen frost once so far up here in Auckland, but we’ve been pretty lucky, with a few uncharacteristically-warm days recently. I’m sure it will change, though. Nigel’s image of the powdered-sugar dusting on the Hawkdun Range is delightful.

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    1. We’d planned on doing the trip the next day but I found bad weather was expected so we made a spur-of-the-moment decision to head out a day early on an afternoon that we could see was perfect. We were so glad we did!


    1. Love seeing snowy mountain scenery! Isn’t it strange.. you in sweltering heat for 17 days running yet here’s me with the heat pump going most the time!


      1. Thanks especially to you, Liz, and Chris from Australia, who lives aboard a catamaran with her husband Wade and their cat Bengie, I am much more conscious than previously about the fact that your seasons are the opposite of ours. 🙂

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      1. I can agree with that one – though there is no high ground in Suffolk. But snow on the mountains in Scotland is lovely – and scary if driving through it!

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