Paradise Shelduck

This beautiful endemic shelduck has a large body like a goose and we see them often whether in city parks or farm fields. Wild ones aren’t tolerant of disturbance and readily take off with both birds in full cry – they are very noisy with distinct male/female voices and both are very vocal. The duck with the white head is the female. They mate for life.

I took these photos at Dunedin Botanic Garden at various times during our recent stay in Dunedin 23-25 June 2020. The 1st and 3rd photos were taken together, from a pedestrian bridge that’s high above a stream. Very fond of these vigilent birds. Sometimes see them perched on the top of fence-posts and in Christchurch I once saw a pair up high on the crossbar of a power-pole. New Zealand

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Tadorna variegata. Pūtangitangi.

If you’d like to read more there’s lots of information online about paradise shelducks. I’ll just provide one link that contains easily read, concise information:

Paradise Shelduck   / by Tiritiri Matangi Open Sanctuary

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2020)

16 thoughts on “Paradise Shelduck

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    1. Handsome is a good word for them Ellen! I’m glad you enjoyed the context shot, I remembered to take it before moving on 🙂 The stream eventually joins the other one where I got the photo of the kowhai/grafitti.

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  1. Lovely birds aren’t they. We have a couple of resident pairs on our farm and each year after duck shooting season we cross our fingers that they’re still around to raise a new brood.

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  2. I wish we had these ducks here, very eye-catching and I like all the complex patterns. The big refuge (10k acres) near my hometown gets canvasbacks, which are pretty big, but as the name suggests, not as colorful as these Shelducks.

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