Brightening a Dull Day

We arrived in Dunedin on Thurs 25 June to attend Kay’s book launch and Nigel was getting car things attended to during the day so I was free to wander. It was a grey drizzly day, not pleasant. I left the motel to get some food but got distracted. First by the winter house in the botanic gardens where I took lots of photos. Then walking back to the motel I found this eye-catching combination of colourful graffiti and colourful native kōwhai in flower. These photos were taken with my cellphone (I hadn’t left the motel intending to take any photos at all).

Dunedin, New Zealand

Brightening a Dull Day

Click on ANY photo below to enlarge.

Way below where I was standing on the footpath, a stream flows over a concrete channel. Not visually attractive but the scene caught my eye due to the colourful graffiti and kōwhai. Their combined colour brought a smile to my face and camera into action.


There are many forms of kōwhai, this is just one example. Sophora species.


A beautiful sight on a chilly drizzly winter day.


Another messy looking native, a lancewood, was standing sentinel nearby.


Then I noticed three New Zealand fantails swooping and diving as they do, fast and furious. Occasionally one would alight briefly on a rail near me and I just managed to catch this one. Endemic to NZ. Rhipidura fuliginosa or pīwakawaka.


Gary at krikitarts posted lovely fantail photos this morning at Flirting With a Fantail – go there if you’d like to see some decent shots!

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2020)

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  1. “I hadn’t left the motel intending to take any photos at all” … oh, you made me smile, Liz! You have a wonderful eye for capturing what might be considered mundane, glad you had your phone with you.

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  2. It’s been alternatingly bright and dull here today, and you have helped to brighten mine with your link to my fantail post. I have learned there there are three distinct species, one up here in the North Island, a different one in your South, and a third in the Chatham Islands. And there was a fourth on Lord Howe Island, which is unfortunately now extinct. Too bad, so sad!

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  3. The photos of the Kowhai lead me to believe that this is a flowering tree that blooms during your winter season. The cheerful yellow blossoms certainly do brighten a dull day and the graffiti is quite colorful too! By enlarging the last photo two times, I was able to clearly see the Fantail and at least some of how he must have gotten the name due to the shape of the tail feathers. The bird must be an impressive fellow when they are fully spread out. Being that it is the end of National Pollinator Week here in the USA, your native flowering tree and the bird are especially lovely additions today. Thank-you!

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    1. This species of kowhai is early flowering so it’s a particularly welcome sight. I’d generally think of kowhai flowering in early Spring (September) and it’s a welcome sight then too!


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