Upturned – Book Launch

This evening we attended a book launch at University Book Shop in Dunedin for the fourth book of poems by Kay McKenzie Cooke whose poetry I enjoy enormously. Kay is a Dunedin poet who was born and raised in Southland and the book includes poems that specifically relate to places not far from where I live. The poems are so good I ration them like chocolates, just a few each day! They’re not all NZ poems – Kay has close family in Berlin and some poems are about the experience of being there.

Here’s a copy of the original tweet re the book launch which also gives you a look at the book cover. I *adore* the colourful cover by Kay’s artist son.


Nigel managed to get some photos. It was a lovely evening and a treat to be able to gather again in this way. Wintry, cold and rainy outside but warmth and love inside! As Kay said in a tweet this evening after the event, “It was a blast. Upturned was launched in style. Thanks to all who turned up for Upturned!

Click on either photo to enlarge

Kay reading some poems from Upturned, she’s just left of centre.

Lots of family, friends and interested folk turned up. One of the poems was about Kay’s grandfather and the title was his name, Reg Lee. A lady sitting next to me told me that she’s going to check her own family records because after hearing about Reg Lee she suspects she might have a family connection with Kay. Wonderful where things can lead when information is shared!

There were many more people than what you can see in this photo, all around the shop counter and on the opposite side of the room (where Nigel and I were).

One poem from the book is already on my blog. With Kay’s permission I presented her verses with photos from some snowy days we had in Tapanui last year. If you’d like to read it, click on Nor’easterly to see the poem and photos.

So glad I came to Dunedin for the launch Kay, Upturned is a great read and I can only imagine it’ll be very popular! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🙂

Text by Liz, photos by Nigel; Exploring Colour (2020)

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  1. Love that beautiful book cover – suits the name of the anthology so well too. (And wouldn’t it be great if it did turn out that it was the same Reg Lee.) 🙂

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