Waikaia River in Winter

Soon after we left the town of Waikaia on Saturday 13 June, I suggested to Nigel that we turn down a side road that headed straight toward the Waikaia River. It gave us access to the riverside and I took these photos with my cellphone. It’s now winter here in New Zealand. Waikaia is in Southland.

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I took this last photo just before getting back in the car to leave.


Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2020)

17 thoughts on “Waikaia River in Winter

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  1. The official start of winter here varies according to the sources one consults–either the first or the twenty-first of June. Whatever, and however picky one chooses to be, I particularly like your third photo; it makes me want to cross to the other shore and explore the shadowy depths of the sheltered areas below the trees.

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    1. Well the beginning of June is still like late autumn for a week or so but *officially* June, July, Aug are winter and most of the leaves have fallen so it looks pretty wintry outside now, with even some snow!

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  2. The trees are bare, Liz, but other than that it might be tough to tell that it is winter there. I love the blueness of the sky, especially as it is reflected in the water. The composition of the final photo really drew me in too, with the fences in the foreground and mid-ground and the layers of trees and mountains in the background.

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    1. I replied earlier but just discovered I hadn’t hit the “reply” when I did it… The mountains in the distance look silvery because they’ve had snow but the trees are certainly the biggest clue that it’s winter. I love all the blue too. I grew up in the sub-tropical north of NZ and the sky was always somewhat cloudy. When we first visited the UK decades ago I thought the clear blue skies were wonderful but when we moved down to the South Island I found the skies can be similarly beautiful down here 🙂


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