Sunrise in Tapanui

These photos taken about 45mins ago in Tapanui, West Otago, New Zealand. Sunrise viewed from our front door. Taken by Liz, 17 June 2020.





Text and photos by Liz, Exploring Colour (2020)

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    1. How did you guess haha … I’m not an early morning person but I was already up, and glancing toward the kitchen window I saw the telling pink glow in the back porch area. A quick look out the front door sent me scurrying for my camera!

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        1. Your 1st photo has watermelon pink clouds (similar to those in Jane’s photo from my recent post) plus the *bonus* of a small lemon-slice moon, making a deliciously fruity sky! How do you like that for a mouth-watering description? ๐Ÿ˜€


    1. The thing about living in New Zealand is that I find I’m usually living in an opposite reality to most of my followers – opposite times of day, opposite seasons, completely different environment for things like Easter and Christmas. Northern hemisphere people typically find it very strange but me not so much – down south we’re always having to take those time differences into consideration. I do admit it can seem odd sometimes though!

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      1. I have been told before to adjust when I come and post on my blog. I think for the most part I try to make it so that it is a little random and if not, that it doesn’t only convey the North US. It is truly strange how on one world, things can be so different and at different times…Very perplexing to me.

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