Burn ‘n’ Bridge

Here again is the Argyle Burn at Waikaia, Southland and this time we’ve walked under the road bridge that we’d driven over earlier in the day. I wandered under the bridge because our lovely native fantails were demonstrating their acrobatics there. I soon realised they showed-up so small on my cellphone screen I couldn’t see them so it was a challenge to photo them. There were three and I did get a shot with all three …as blurry little spots! Ditched that, along with many others. New Zealand

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There’s snow on the far mountains to remind you it’s winter here in NZ. The delta shaped thing on the water is a fantail darting out over the water. There’s another fluttering in the tiny branches just above the riverbank. –Liz


This shot of Nigel’s is best for the fantails. There’s one perched on the driftwood and you can see its fan-shaped tail. There’s a second one flying over the water with reflection.

Context bridge photo. –Liz


This is also my photo. I liked the appearance of the bridge pile and the branches piled against it.. and the water with reflections and the contrast of light and shadow.


My previous post about this river:  Argyle Burn, Waikaia

Text by Liz, photos by Liz and Nigel; Exploring Colour (2020)

9 thoughts on “Burn ‘n’ Bridge

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  1. Fantails are my nemesis too Liz. I’m still trying to get a sharp photograph. I’ve got plenty of blurry ones. It looks like a lovely place. Hope you’re keeping warm.

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  2. A friend in the nearby village has fantails in her garden and over the years they’ve bred and can be seen all around the neighbouring church and churchyard. 🙂

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  3. The fantails are among our favorite birds here. One was flitting around outside our front window this morning, but they are so energetic and acrobatic that it’s very hard to make a good photographic catch of them. I’ll keep trying, though!

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    1. I hope you get a good catch! They’re really sweet birds (and come inside at the drop of a hat). If you open up a door or window they quite readily go back out – no panic!

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