Argyle Burn, Waikaia

Today was a lovely clear and sunny winter day although cold outside of the car. I suggested to Nigel that we return to the road of the apple tree and continue right through to Waikaia – a lovely rural Southland settlement that I’ve posted about before. As we came into town over a bridge I noticed there was access to the river below. After lunch we returned here to have a closer look at the river rapids. This evening  from a map  I found that the river is the Argyle Burn which feeds into the Waikaia River.

Waikaia, Southland, New Zealand. First three photos by Nigel, last by me.

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Text by Liz, photos by Nigel and Liz; Exploring Colour (2020)

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  1. Very Scottish-sounding! There’s a town called Argyle in NY, but the custom of calling streams “burns” didn’t come over to the U.S. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it used here, even though there’s countless U.K. place names. I did a quick websearch and found a town named after Bannockburn, but no waterways. This is a pretty one in your photos – trout?

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    1. There must have been Scots in the area. 🙂 Looks like a great place to have a wander in winter sunshine. Hope it’s not winter here before we feel safe going out and about again!

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      1. We have lots of “burns” down south, as I said to Robert just now: There’s lots of “burns” in Central Otago – Eweburn, Kyeburn, Gimmerburn, Poolburn, Pigburn (I’d already mentioned Bannnockburn).

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          1. Yes, I’ve read a bit in the past. Kye is to do with kine isn’t it, so cattle. Gimmer I can’t remember – but it’s a sheep term isn’t it? There’s also a Sowburn 🙂


    2. From the Waikaia info page: “fantastic trout fishing in the Waikaia River and nearby streams” link: We have a Bannockburn in Central Otago and it’s near a major river. Big gold history there and now it’s big for vineyards. There’s lots of “burns” elsewhere in Central – Eweburn, Kyeburn, Gimmerburn, Poolburn, Pigburn … 🙂

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