Ripe Apples for Birds

Here’s an apple tree we came across yesterday when we went for a local country drive. The tree was by the roadside but Nigel had stopped to take a photo of something else. There was a fair bit of bird activity, which lured me out of the car. Just had my cellphone so detail’s not great but if you look closely on the left side you’ll spot a wee bird nestled in by the fruit – a silvereye, waxeye, white-eye, tauhou or Zosterops lateralis. (They self-introduced in the 1800s).  Click on the photo to enlarge


I’m currently listening and learning about experiences of black African-American people.

I’m sharing this interview with a black woman who’s “pushing 90” and I wish everyone would listen to her with their ears (and heart) open because she clearly explains her thoughts on the death of George Floyd. We’re fortunate she’s lived so long and can put this tragic death into the bigger context for us. I was shocked that her husband was shot at his own home by a white supremacist in 1963 – the year before I was born. Listen to her … she describes the “severe hurt”, the “desperate anger”, the “urge to strike back”.

[LINK]  Civil Rights icon Myrlie Evers-Williams expresses her thoughts on death of George Floyd

There’s a history of  the court cases against the murderer  at the FBI website. He was eventually convicted in 1994 – yes it took 31 years even though the case was clear-cut.

Myrlie’s husband was Medgar Evers
– this tribute is also from the FBI page

“The murder of Medgar Ever was a loss to his family, the community, and the nation. Evers was a devoted husband and father, a distinguished World War II veteran, and a pioneering civil rights leader. He served as the NAACP’s first field secretary in Mississippi—organizing protests and voter registration drives, recruiting new workers into the civil rights movement, and pushing for school integration.”

Posted by Liz; Exploring Colour (2020)

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  1. We have a fig and an abutilon in out garden, both of which the silvereyes love, and they are always most welcome. I have high hopes that this most unfortunate event will finally help toward steps to defuse the persistent dichotomy in the racial inequities and prejudices.

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    1. Silvereyes are such cheerful little birds! Larnach Castle in Dunedin has an excellent abutilon which does very well in the garden – growing against the exterior of one of the big fireplace chimneys (gets used all winter as the fireplace is in their ballroom cafe). Don’t know if the silvereyes visit it – probably when people aren’t around! I just love abutilon.

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