We went for this lovely little local drive on the evening of 28 May, the real reason being so Nigel could show me some nice autumn trees that he’d seen while driving to a job. On our way back we thought we’d like to check out this farm roadside stall – we hadn’t been able to read the sign while driving by initially. And it was really quite special as it not only had jam and eggs for sale, but also a Lilliput Library and I’ve never seen a rural one before – and with a cute little teddy bear! Also the nice sunset colours emerged and I specifically asked Nigel to take this first photo in order to capture the lovely sky colours behind the power pole and lines.

Photos taken by Nigel.

Click on ANY photo to enlarge

Text by Liz, photos by Nigel; Exploring Colour (2020)

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  1. Those sunset colours are indeed beautiful and they feel very soothing to me.
    This looks like a lovely place. It’s great that you can simply go there, pick the food you need, leave the money there and even take home a good book or two – or leave one there.

    Happy Autumn to you and Nigel!

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    1. Thanks Kay! I don’t share my posts on FB (I only use FB to look after a Growplan a/c for Nigel) but you’re always welcome to share my posts via the FB share button that’s on each post. Maybe sometime I’ll reawaken my FB a/c (Nigel and I both hate the interface so we’re reluctant users!)


        1. I’m thinking of using a ‘feature’ photo with my posts – at the mo’ the system just randomly chooses a photo to go with the share – usually choosing the worst one LOL.

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  2. Those tiny library boxes are the best idea. I’ve actually never taken a book from one, there’s too many here already that haven’t been read, but it’s a great idea, and fun to look and see what titles are there.
    I always think of cordials as a kind of liquor, or liqueur I guess, with fruit or herbs or whatnot in it – – are the farms there allowed to make things like that? Perhaps that’s why that bear looks a bit glassy-eyed.

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    1. haha! I have no idea exactly what they mean by cordials and whether they have liqueur or not, or how the rules apply. I was surprised to see the word ‘cordials’ on the sign – as a kid ‘cordial’ was revolting ‘fruit’ drink made with artificial powder and tap water – yuk!

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          1. One of my older cousins dyed his hair with lime Kool-Aid, or maybe it was Jello, for a pep rally in high school, and then found out, it doesn’t just rinse out – he walked around for a week with green hair.

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  3. We also have the Little LIbraries scattered about here. There are a few in our neighborhood as well as elsewhere in town. It’s a nice thing people do for each other. We have a dairy/veggie stand locally that also has ice cream and they call their business a creamy. I always want to stop in and see if it is an intentional name or a typo that never got corrected. 🙂

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  4. Good that you were able to perserve the memory of this quaint roadside stall, but it looks like the shelves were pretty bare–or did you buy all the eggs & jam? Also it’s nice to see the little lending library. They are fairly ;common in the community around our Minnesota lake, but I think this is the first I’ve seen of them here.

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      1. That’s great–I’ll have to keep a sharper eye out, now that we’re able to get around a bit more. I love the idea of little lending libraries. I’ve started building one at our cabin, and hope to bring it to fruition this summer, if we’re able to travel and return.

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