Rural Anzac Day

It was nearly sunset on Thursday when Nigel and I were out for a short drive in a rural area near home. Approaching an intersection we found this eye-catching Anzac display on a farmer’s silage bales. It would have been created for 25 April which is Anzac Day when we remember Australian and New Zealand Army Corps soldiers who fought and died for their country. Photos taken by Nigel

“Lest We Forget”

Few American bloggers I follow seem to mention the death of George Floyd, perhaps because the coverage is so intense elsewhere on social media.


Making Peace  by Bishop Jake Owensby

Now is the Time We All Need A Great Leader  by Cindy Knoke


This made a BIG impression on me:

Dr Cornel West talking to Anderson Cooper

and this shared from a New Zealand poet that I follow …


Text by Liz, photos by Nigel; Exploring Colour (2020)

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  1. I tend to no longer comment on things political as there are many more eloquent folks doing so. Rest assured it is the top story now along with the continuing spread of the virus. Sadly the bigger coverage is now given to the rioting rather than the cause and trying to find the understanding needed to not have the constant repetition of these terrible killings. Also sadly, the good that police do is often overshadowed by the few who perpetrate these horrific acts.
    Those trying to say he died because of underlying conditions are repulsive. It’s the same with the reasoning that the virus isn’t really what is killing people but their underlying conditions. We all have underlying conditions but the weight of a 200lb. man caused George Floyd’s death and the virus is causing deaths among the population whatever their conditions may be.

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    1. I think it’s quite safe to say that this horrible deed affects us all and concerns us deeply. I’m also in complete agreement that the underlying causes are what most seriously need to be addressed. Perhaps this time more will understand this and act accordingly–and more promptly than has so often been the sad case.

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      1. The protests are more inclusive and many corporate entities as well as sports franchises and local governments are participating. How long the concern lasts and the determination stays at a high level only time will tell. People have a tendency to lose their interest after a while and settle back into the comfort of old ways. Unfortunately the person with the largest bully pulpit is only interested in the economy and the rest is tangential. Yesterday he invoked George Floyd’s name to add to his own recognition of accomplishment. The guy has the humanity of a rabid badger.

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