Mexican Amberwings

Just found these beauties on Twitter this morning and have to share. Many thanks to Michael Thomas Bogan for permission.

Michael Thomas Bogan. Assistant Professor, School of Natural Resources and the Environment. The University of Arizona.
On Twitter:  @mtbogan
Photos below are from this tweet

Dragonfly season is in full swing on the effluent-dependent Santa Cruz River! Here are a couple of lovely Mexican amberwings (Perithemis intensa) from yesterday #Tucson

Click on either photo to enlarge



For more information (scroll down to ‘Urban dragonflies!’) :

“Our lab is studying the amazing diversity of dragonflies that you can find in our city’s local effluent-dependent stream, the Santa Cruz River!”  [more …]

Posted by Liz; Exploring Colour (2020)

12 thoughts on “Mexican Amberwings

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    1. I remembered your amber dragonflies although I didn’t come back to compare at the time, I don’t think. The amber colour is so lovely! I’ve been especially fascinated by amber since we read about it in Homer’s tales and in NZ I’ve always loved our own kauri gum. I grew up in Northland where there were lots of kauri trees in the old days and large gumfields.


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