Hummingbird Day

This post is about the lead-up to finding the Ennis House designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, in Los Angeles (in 2010). We don’t remember much of that day but from the photo-dates it appears we found our way there the same day we visited Hollyhock House. We remember spending time in Los Feliz and loving it there. One of the most memorable things was as we were walking along a street on our way to find the Ennis House, we passed some plants and as I was looking at them I realised I could see a hummingbird hovering! We’d never seen one before (I hadn’t even realised they were in LA) so it was a wonderful and exciting, surprise discovery, to see a hummingbird there in front of us!

Photos taken by Nigel

Click on ANY photo to enlarge

In memory of the hummingbird I’m sharing a colourful hummingbird that’s displayed on the wall at our local cafe in Tapanui .. ‘Top Nosh’.


Here’s a distant view of the Ennis House taken as we were walking away (the following photos were all taken as we were leaving).


Gorgeous bougainvillea and lemon tree. So idyllic!


And an interesting, enticing special gate.


Text by Liz, photos by Nigel; Exploring Colour (2020)

10 thoughts on “Hummingbird Day

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  1. Love the hummingbird, Liz. Gorgeous.
    You might be interested in this free virtual event in celebration of Frank Lloyd Wright’s legacy titled “Wright Sites x PechaKucha,” featuring presentations in the highly-visual and efficient PechaKucha style, which consists of 20 image-based slides that automatically advance after 20 seconds, with each talk lasting only 400 seconds. It’s a fantastic format, I run PechaKucha events in our local library. They’re very popular.


  2. Terrific photos. Your first sighting of a hummingbird, that’s exciting! One of my aunts has several feeders for them, and we can hear them buzzing in the background during phone calls. When you see them traveling straight up or backwards, and then taking off in a blur, it’s almost hard to believe they’re real, and can function in that amazing way.

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  3. It is a joy for me also to spot a hummingbird, Liz. We have only one variety in the area in which I live, the Ruby-throated Hummingbird, but they are common enough that I will generally see at least a couple of them each season. I really love the rainbow colors of the painted hummingbird. It brightened my morning as I look out at the rather gloomy start to the day.

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    1. We were surprised at the wildlife in LA. Our accommodation info told us to shut the downstairs laundry door or skunks might get in! We hadn’t imagined that these wildlife experiences would be possible in the city!

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  4. What a delight to notice the hummingbirds! I remember being similarly in awe the first time I ever saw one, by a feeder at a nature reserve in upstate NY. And then I never saw another one till 40-50 years later, when I visited Panama and Costa Rica. Love the hummingbird painting on the cafe wall!

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    1. Yes it was! and we were so amazed to see the hummingbird right there when we’d had no idea that it was even a possibility. It’ll probably be the only one we ever see so the memory is really *super* special!

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  5. What a nice memory. I really like the running drips on the hummingbird painting! We can always count on ruby-throats visiting our feeder at the lake cabin, and hope (dearly) to be able to see them again this year–at least for a month or so, if everything works out.

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