Pink Hollyhock, Clyde NZ

I took this hollyhock photo in Clyde, Central Otago, New Zealand just a few days before we went into L4 lockdown, 22 March 2020. Another beauty! Click on photo to enlarge

14 thoughts on “Pink Hollyhock, Clyde NZ

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  1. During family reunions in Wisconsin when we were kids, I remember our girl cousins picking them and putting them upside-down in a pond or birdbath and watching them twirl around slowly like dancing ballerinas with full, poufy dresses. Thanks for the memory, Liz

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    1. Oh that’s a very fun memory! Where I grew up (Northland, NZ) I don’t recall any hollyhocks, I doubt they grow up there. So I didn’t know they can entertain in this way!

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    1. I’ve never tried growing them but we’d probably have more chance of success where we are now. It would be lovely to have our own! A bit difficult here finding somewhere sheltered from the wind.


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