Bristol Sunset

A contemplation of colour. This morning on Twitter I found a wonderful poem about sunset colours – this particular sunset happened to be in Bristol, UK. In the poem the sunset colours are matched with sources they could have been derived from here on earth. Let’s look at some natural colour sources before enjoying the poem…

Blackberries (via Wikimedia)
Brian Robert Marshall / Blackberries, Swindon and Cricklade Railway / cc by-sa 2.0


Cherry Blossom
Both cherry blossom photos were taken in Arrowtown, New Zealand by me.



Fritillaria imperialis (substituting for the wheat and sunflower petals in the poem)
Saw these beauties at Maple Glen Garden, Southland NZ on 06 Oct 2019
They were just past their best and beginning to fade. Also called ‘Crown Imperial’.


Which brings me to ‘Fading’ by David Ralph Lewis – this really caught my imagination! Bristol sunset, taken down by the harbour. Used with permission

Click on image to enlarge if you wish


David Ralph Lewis   Twitter   |   Website


I feel honoured that Mr Platypus (UK), fellow WP blogger, has produced a lovely post responding to the Liebster Award questions that I posed. He’s included NZ photos, a Puffin, a [Tasmanian] Devil and more. Before retirement he’d worked for most of 40 years in the UK Public Library sector and answered my question about ‘favourite children’s book’ very fully! This is a delightful post, thoughtful and entertaining – please click here to take a look

Text and photos by Liz, poem/sunset by David Lewis; Exploring Colour (2020)

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  1. Thank you for the kind words, Liz, much appreciated. It’s a long time since anything I’ve written has been called delightful, and most definitely it’s not a word my employers ever used in relation to my reports on the state of our library service! Coincidentally I have a connection with Bristol, which was where I trained as an accountant for a few months before having my epiphany, becoming a librarian and moving to another part of the UK. I have very fond memories of Bristol, which I reckon is one of the most attractive and interesting of UK cities, though I’m afraid I have no recollection of the sunsets.

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    1. We stayed a few nights in Bristol during our UK trip and although my memory of it isn’t very good now I’m left with a very good impression – would go back there in a heartbeat.

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  2. Love the way you’ve paired the poem with the photographs. The cherry tree is very like ours – and the pink ‘snow’ is a familiar sight every spring! 🙂

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