The Rocking Horse

Alternative title:  The Baby in Red.
Haiku poem about me as a 4 yr-old with my long black hair (I could sit on it when I was 4), wearing my beautiful rose-red dress (my ‘good’ dress), and having a ride on my rocking horse. The first stirrings of independence!

The poem was inspired by this photo, taken when we visited Alexandra on a really cold winter morning and Central Otago was transformed by hoar frost. These are wild roses, wild and free. Photo taken by Nigel, 02 June 2018

The Rocking Horse

— by Liz Cowburn

Snow White and Rose Red,

Black-haired girl taking the reins,

Rocking the red dress.

My poetic effort initially inspired by:  recent poems by Damien B. Donnelly

The first was Limitation of Roses which harks back to Damien’s childhood home. I thought it a brilliant poem.

I replied to him, dubbing his poem ‘The Rise of the Roses’ (hehe) and shared with him the above photo of wild roses.

The photo inspired him to another poem:  The Price of Being Wild

His efforts in turn motivated me – to look at the photo anew and find my own meaning.

For more poems by Damien:  Deuxiemepeau Poetry by Damien B. Donnelly

Text and poem by Liz, photo by Nigel; Exploring Colour (2020)

10 thoughts on “The Rocking Horse

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  1. Love your haiku! I remember the title ‘Snow White and Rose Red’ but not much else. Hoping not to see any more frost here – last night’s temp was very low.

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    1. We’re getting frosts regularly now. Pretty cold in the mornings. I read the story online last night, quite sweet. I’ll just tell you that their mother had two rosebushes in her garden, one a white rose and the other a red rose. Thought you’d like that bit 😉

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  2. Nice! I’m sure both poem and photo will get a warm (not frosty) reception!
    The first line rang a bell, I remember Snow White had a Red sister, but have completely forgotten the story, if I ever knew it. My younger sister also had a red “dress up” dress, which she loved and would’ve worn every day, if my mother let her.

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    1. Thank you Robert! I’ve also forgotten the story but I remember a picture of them. Snow White was blond and wore a white rose and Rose Red was dark-haired and wore a red rose. The picture was really sweet and memorable 🙂

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