Writing Writing Writing

Kay’s favourite ‘quiet’ hobby/interest is ‘writing, writing, writing’!

Kay McKenzie Cooke is a southern Aotearoa / New Zealand writer that I’ve met through blogging and I’m excited for Kay that her fourth book of poetry will be released in June. She’s also been working on a novel over the last decade and I think publication of that won’t be too far away!

She’s an authentic New Zealand voice who tells things as they really are – when describing a pretty creek, for instance, Kay wouldn’t hesitate to mention the dead animal carcass she’d also noticed on the bank. This is why I love her – she describes the NZ that I know and that I’ve known. Not some idealised phony ‘100% Pure’ nirvana.

“Maybe life is just that when it all boils down: a solo-flight challenge.” –Kay McKenzie Cooke

Photo: I was going to show one of Kay’s photos but WP/internet threw a wobbly and wouldn’t upload anything. Instead here’s a tui I’ve posted before, from a lovely mural in Dunedin, NZ where Kay lives. She likes blue, and our native birds, so this’ll have to do!

Kay’s WP blog is Line by Line.

Challenge Passed with Flying Colours

Yesterday Kay answered all the rest of my questions in her response to my nomination of her for the Liebster Award – a beautiful post that lets us in on some of her personal treasures, and the things that bring her joy and inspiration. Writing isn’t her only creative outlet (she’s shared a delightful and colourful painting she did with her granddaughter when visiting Berlin).

Challenge Accepted, Challenge Completed : gorgeous photos, a poem, a painting, a treasured copy of ‘Anne of Green Gables’. And how can you resist a poem called ‘my little grasshopper plane cannot fly very high’.

Please take a peek, enjoy Kay’s colourful post. It’s a JOY!

n.b. Kay had already answered my first 2 questions in her post  Answering the Call.

Text by Liz; Exploring Colour (2020)

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