Unfolding Life

Moments of beauty are especially cherished in these troubled times, that’s why I want to remind you about one of my favourite bloggers. Jean Mackay shares her delightful observations of nature via exquisite journal pages at Drawn In.

Her subject material is generally local to where she lives in New York State but elsewhere when she travels.

Yesterday morning in WP Reader I spotted beautiful pink magnolia flowers – they heralded another of Jean’s amazing blog-posts.

The magnolia post is utterly gorgeous, however in the body of the text you’ll find Jean recently featured at NatureJournalingWeek.com where you can see more of her lovely journal pages, and Jean describes her experience of nature journaling. Here’s an excerpt:

“My journal is more than a record of what is happening in nature. It is also the place where I am recording what I am experiencing and learning—my journey as an artist and naturalist.” — Jean Mackay

Magnolia post:  The Lovely and the Lowly

Feature blog-post:  The art of discovery

Journal page by Jean Mackay, one example from The art of discovery.
Used here with permission.


Text by Liz, art by Jean Mackay; Exploring Colour (2020)

4 thoughts on “Unfolding Life

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  1. These are really cool, Liz. The combination of sketching, painting, and observation skills is impressive and the way the layout of the pages is so creative and beautiful. I now have another blogger to follow. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah, well you’ll love following Jean’s blog. She’s so talented and every post is a treasure! Also very generous in sharing tips, thoughts, information, etc. You’re in for a treat 🙂


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