Autumn Gold

Late yesterday afternoon I struck gold, this autumn beauty, found further along our street in Tapanui, West Otago, New Zealand. By Liz, using Nigel’s cellphone. Click on photo to enlarge

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  1. An aureate Autumn beauty! I love that word and seldom find ways to use it…though it does rather stand out in a conversation! I notice that on half of the tree’s left side the branches are stripped of leaves, whilst the entire right side’s branches are covered with leaves. My curious mind wonders what has caused that : are those branches dead or is there another reason for the absence of leaves? A conundrum, to be sure! Today, April 26th, is the annual “Hug A Friend Day”. Social distancing and an ocean betwixt us does not permit other than a virtual hug from me to you…consider yourself hugged! Thank-you!

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    1. And a warm embrace back at you .. how nice! Aureate is a lovely word and one I’ll commit to memory but we’re of a similar mind because I like ‘auriferous’ which I learned when reading about the gold history of our region, Otago. I was puzzled about those bare branches too, not sure why that is. Autumn foliage colours are at their peak now, very bright. Leaves are beginning to fall and the show won’t last long! Take care and I hope you get to enjoy a beautiful Spring xoxox


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