Carnival of Colour / Steve Schwartzman

All the fun of the fair! This stunner by Steve Schwartzman (Texas, USA). Pink evening primrose (Oenothera speciosa). “I made this ant-enhanced portrait at the Riata Trace Pond on April 5th.” Click on photo to enlarge. Original posted at ‘Portraits of Wildflowers’: A view from below

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  1. I love the detail of this shot. There are yellow evening primroses in my garden every year – I sprinkle the seeds around to encourage them, but otherwise just let them spring up where they want to. I’d love some pink ones but haven’t seen them in the UK.

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      1. I love surprise seedlings – except when they’re weeds that you can’t get rid of, hehe! I was delighted when the evening primroses started seeing themselves around and now I always give them a helping hand. 🙂

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        1. Yes I’d encourage them too! I love evening primroses regardless of whether they’re yellow or pink. I think I like all flower colours except for wishy-washy shades of salmon, I just don’t warm to that at all!

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  2. This is a divine photograph, even more so when enlarged! Seeing the tiny ant going about his business on the pink Evening Primrose takes me back to the childhood days of my siblings and myself…and a wonderful memory! On Gram’s peony bushes the flowers were always full of ants scurrying all over them. Gram encouraged our fascination with them by allowing us to watch them but not to disturb their industrious missions. I vividly recall one day when my Father was working in Gram’s vegetable garden as we were watching the ants. He came over to see what had captured our attention and then said something that I have never forgotten.This quote by Lafcadio Hearn : “All good work is done the way ants do things. Little by little.” It should be mentioned that Hearn was the author of many books on the book shelves in his study, so the older of us were familiar with the name. Many years later I read the two old volumes by Elizabeth Bisland “The Life and Letters of Lafcadio Hearn” that also resided on those shelves. I am proud to have those two books from 1906 that belonged to my Father. Please excuse my Propensity for Loquacity, this elder tends to ramble on with little provocation! Thank-you!

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    1. I was returning in the hopes of reading other comments as I always find the comments of others to be quite entertaining. No luck just now, mayhaps later. However, being starved for an another living being to talk to…my cat is silent other than an occasional meow…I will share an observation that I notice each time I post a comment on your posts. Given that we are in different time zones, my comments always appear as though it is a day later here than in actuality it is. This always makes me smile and recall a Benjaminism : “Today is the tomorrow from yesterday, right Gem?” This came about because I often said to him : ‘not today, maybe tomorrow.’ Next visit, I too, will be silent…pinky promise! Thank-you!

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