Heading Down the Highway

Stay Home, Stay Safe.
Today New Zealand was down to 19 new cases of Covid-19.
The last twelve days: 89, 71, 82, 89, 67, 54, 50, 29, 44, 29, 18, and today, 19

It works. If you’re being advised to stay home, just do it.
— also pay attention to hand washing —

Some of the people who have been in care haven’t been able to make it – five deaths (all aged over 70). My thoughts are with their loved ones.

I really appreciate the very regular updates we receive from our leaders, generally via our wonderful PM Jacinda Ardern, and our Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield. They provide very clear and detailed information, and respond well to questions (today Dr Bloomfield fielded questions from the public via Facebook Live in addition to his regular daily briefing to the press which we can watch via the internet).

We’re doing a lot more walking from home along local roads. These would usually be very busy with cars, farm vehicles and big trucks and therefore not safe to walk along so it’s a bit of a treat being able to walk these roads.

Nigel took the shots, they include me wandering along ahead, on Good Friday. This highway leads south to Gore in Southland. From Tapanui, in West Otago

Click on either photo to enlarge

It made me proud to hear the British PM Boris Johnson pay tribute to two nurses who constantly attended him when his life was in the balance, one of the nurses he mentioned is Jenny McGee from INVERCARGILL in Southland, New Zealand. If you missed this story you can read about it in this article which also includes the video of Boris speaking after being released from hospital.

I read that On Sunday their time, the UK became the fourth European country to surpass 10,000 virus-related deaths [from Radio New Zealand]

It’s mind-numbing, this loss of lives in so many countries. Take care, stay safe, stay well. — Liz.

Here’s a photo I took April 11, for a Twitter challenge #mylifeinpictures


Text by Liz, photos by Nigel except the last; Exploring Colour (2020)

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  1. Ms. Liz, how I wish that any state in the USA could say the same thing as New Zealand. Thanks to the ineptitude, the downright stupidity of long denial and the mismanagement when finally addressing Covid-19 by our government…our numbers continue to grow daily both in cases and deaths. This pandemic’s attack is far from over and the long reaching effects will be monumental for this entire country. It is blog posts such as yours that gives us hope that one day we too will be able to see light at the end of this long tunnel. Love the photos! Thank-you!

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    1. I’m appalled at the way things have played out in your country Ellen. It’s lovely that you find some cause for hope in my posts. I find hope in your comments Ellen (and have quoted you in my latest post Faith Looks Up – I didn’t think you’d mind!). Take care, love from Liz xx


  2. I love the quote from the mayor of Invercargill, Sir Tim Shadbolt (told to Stuff.co.nz, and reported by the BBC today): “It’s not very often a nurse from Invercargill saves the life of the British prime minister.” You can say that again! 🙂

    The death toll here is appalling, and still many more to come before we get it under control.

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  3. On an American television news show I saw a video of a guy in NZ being arrested for surfing by himself. That made me wonder why surfing alone would be considered unsafe. One website offered the rationale that if a surfer needed to be rescued the rescuers might be endangered. Hmmm…

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    1. Outdoor activities that are high-risk of needing an emergency response are banned because of the heightened risk of Covid-19 contact posed to emergency workers who would have to do the rescue, and also because emergency workers and resources (e.g. helicopters) are prioritised for genuine emergencies and Covid response. It’s absolutely vital for NZers survival – due to limited medical resources – that we keep hospitalisations from Covid minimal. Our lockdown is Level 4, our highest level, and NZ is focussed on elimination of the virus not ‘control’. PS: most of our fire, ambulance and coastguard personnel are volunteers.


  4. I feel blessed to be living here. Great to hear about Jenny from INVERCARGILL (deserves block capitals!) Sad to hear about the losses. We are thinking about Robert’s Mum who is in a Rest Home in Gore. Safe and sound so far and I’ve no reason to think that will change. Enjoy your walks along quiet country roads – a bonus.

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